The much publicized divorce proceedings between Katie and her superstar husband Tom Cruise is a secret to none! The couple also shares a lovely daughter, Suri Cruise, who now lives with her mother. The couple was married in 2006 and divorced six years later in the July of 2012. However, divorce lawyers have reported that 35 year old Katie and 46 year old Hollywood biggie Jamie Foxx are very much a couple and have been so since last summer. Recently, Katy seemingly spent a lot of time in Jamie’s Hollywood mansion!

Strange Ground

If divorce attorney friends who are close to both Katy and Jamie are to be believed, both are indeed treading carefully and have no intentions of making the split public. Katy still has a lot of respect for Tom and since their divorce is not even a year old she probably wishes to steer clear of such rumors. Jamie on the other hand, is a friend of Tom and is clearly on very awkward ground.

Jamie and Tom even worked together in the 2004 Hollywood thriller Collateral. It could get embarrassing for him once the news becomes public. Naturally, they are possibly looking for the right moment for declaring the split. And by the way, that movie was spectacular. But it is too bad that Katy was not in The Dark Knight. Her character was killed off about half way in the movie but she should have been in that movie.

Fox and Holmes were first linked when the media spotted them dancing together in Hampton’s Gala in August of 2012. However, at that time, both denied rumors of any sort of romantic link up. Jamie had categorically stated that the linking was no less than funny! After all, they had only indulged in a dance together!

Waiting to Hear from the Scientologist

Both Katie and Jamie appeared extremely comfortable with each other, stated a divorce lawyer. They enjoyed the weekend super bowl event although they maintained a distance in order to keep away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi. What transpires is awaited to be seen. Needless to mention, a response from Tom is what we are all waiting for.