Hollywood, CA- Kim Kardashian’s divorce is heating up again as divorce attorneys for Kim and Kris Humphries faced off in court on Wednesday, where they revealed that Kanye West, Kim’s most recent beau, was served with deposition papers in a Nordstrom Box.

Laura Wasser, Kim’s attorney complained about the unusual tactic telling the judge, “A stranger was outside my client’s house saying he had a box for Mr. West.”

But Humphries’ attorney Mashall Waller defended the action, stating that repeated attempts to speak with West failed because his lawyers never returned numerous calls.

Waller said, “If Mr.West’s attorney ever calls us back we will be happy to talk. But as a practical matter that hasn’t happened. We’re jumping through hoops. We’ll probably have to serve him in public.”

So what does Kanye West have to do with Kim’s divorce? Well, Humphries believes that he may have had an affair with Kim prior to their wedding. However, his only evidence is Kanye’s absence at their wedding. Therefore, Humphries’ legal team needs to depose him to determine if the allegation is true.

Humphries is also seeking an annulment and is trying to prove that his marriage was a fraud and meant to drive up ratings for Kim’s reality show.

Even though, their marriage only lasted 72 days Humphries is not giving in, despite the prenuptial agreement the two signed before they married. He seems convinced his ex is a fraud and is hell bent on publically humiliating her.