Hollywood, CA- After over a year of separation, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are still married and there is no sign that they will reach a settlement in the very near future as Kanye West has now been dragged into the nasty proceedings. Kim’s divorce is lasting significantly longer than her 72-day marriage, but have other celebrities had shorter nuptials?

The short answer is, Yes. But let’s talk about Kanye first.

Upon Kris’ insistence the Chicago rapper was recently deposed, The Associated Press reported. Kris is trying to get the marriage annulled and his divorce attorney must question a number of witnesses and gather significant evidence to prove that the marriage was a fraud.

Both Kanye West and Kim’s mom Kris Jenner, who is also the subject of a divorce rumor, have been deposed, but one person crucial to the case has not been called for a deposition and that is Kim. Her attorney Laura Wasser is getting weary of how long the divorce has been dragging along, especially since Kim has had a settlement on the table for some time and Kris refuses to sign it. TMZ quoted Wasser saying that “Kim is essentially handcuffed to Mr. Humphries.”

Even though Kim is ready to end her marriage, she isn’t even near the end of her divorce drama, since her trial isn’t scheduled until Feb. 15th. And even that could be postponed if Kris’ attorney needs more time to build on the case.

There was much hype around Kim and Kris’ wedding but nothing has compared to the amount of press the couple got after they decided split up a mere 72 days after they tied the knot. Even though their brief marriage has gotten a great deal of negative press, there are celebrities that have had shorter marriages.

Some celebrity marriages last only for a few months, but there are a number that have lasted just days, like Pop diva Brittney Spears who married Jason Alexander on January 3rd, in 2004 but had it annulled just 55 hours later. In 1983, Zsa Zsa Gabor ended her marriage to Felipe DeAlba after just 24 hours. Cher and Greg Allman managed to make their marriage last for 9 days in 1975. The now-deceased Dennis Hopper and Michelle Phillips made their marriage last for 8 days in 1970.

Less than two weeks makes Kim’s marriage to Kris seem like an eternity.

While some marriage last only a few days others make it for just a few months. Most notable would be Jennifer Lopez, who divorced Chris Judd after 5 months, netting him a $15 million. Lopez was also married to Ojani Noa for just 13 months. J Lo most recently split from Marc Anthony after seven years.

Drew Barrymore is also notorious for inability to stay in a marriage for long. In 1994, she married Jeremy Thomas but after 30 days it was time to move on. She tried again in 2001 when she married comedian Tom Greene, but they didn’t last long either, after five months they also got a divorce.

Former star of Beverly Hills 90210, Shannon Dougherty was married to Ashley Hamilton for a short five months.

This is just a few examples of the many short-lived celebrity marriages, the list could go on. It’s hard to pinpoint why stars decide to marry, either impulsively or through an elaborate ceremony, only to get divorced shortly afterwards. Perhaps they have more love for the notion of marriage than their actual partners. But luckily they have the resources to pay for divorce attorneys and settlements so they seem willing to throw caution to the wind.