Las Vegas, NV- Former LA Dodgers owner Frank McCourt can finally put his divorce behind him now that a court has ordered his ex-wife, Jamie McCourt, to pay his  nearly $2 million in divorce attorney fees.

In late June, a Superior Court Judge ruled in Frank McCourt’s favor citing a provision in the divorce settlement which called for the spouse contesting the settlement to pay the other’s attorney fees, the Associated Press reported.

Even though she was awarded a $131 million tax-free cash settlement and several properties she and Frank McCourt accumulated during their 30 year marriage, Jamie McCourt contested their divorce settlement, claiming her estranged husband undervalued the LA Dodgers when the baseball team was sold in 2011.

In 2011, the LA Dodgers was in financial trouble which many blamed on the lavish lifestyle the McCourts led. MLB Commission Bud Selig seized control of the team’s finances, a move that angered Frank McCourt who countered by pushing the team into bankruptcy.

Troubles with the Dodgers’ finances actually began with McCourts and their tit for tat battle. They announced their spilt in 2009 and shortly after Jamie McCourt was fired. The team’s and the McCourt’s difficulties spiral downward from there with a great deal of wrangling over who owned the team and who should get what.

Jamie McCourt finally relented and agreed to surrender control of her share of the team in exchange or the $131 million. But when she made that agreement, she had no idea how much the six-time World Series winning team was actually worth. (Note: The Dodgers haven’t won a World Series since 1988.)

In a court hearing, Jamie McCourt accused her estranged husband of lying about the true value of the team which he claimed was worth $300 million. Against her attorney’s wishes, Jamie McCourt agreed to a divorce settlement based Frank McCourt’s testimony.

Jamie McCourt unsuccessfully fought to have her divorce settlement overturned then refused to pay her ex’s attorney’s fees as per their divorce agreement. Her attorneys argued the legal fees were excessive and she shouldn’t have to pay.

The court disagreed and now Jamie McCourt will have to pay her estranged husband’s legal fees. She has 15 days to contest the court’s ruling otherwise it will be finalized.

By most people’s standards, Jamie McCourt made out pretty well in her divorce settlement; $131 million is no small amount. But had she listened to her divorce attorney in the first place she might have received a larger settlement.

Jamie McCourt is a savvy business woman, she was after all the CEO of the LA Dodgers for a number of years, but she made one very bad decision; she accepted a divorce settlement despite contrary advice from her divorce attorney.

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