Christo and Sharlene took their wedding vows in 1986 and they both promised to create a marriage that would last in good as well as bad times! They obviously did not speak to a priest before they were married or any marriage expert because it did not take too long before their differences began to manifest themselves. However, the marriage lasted only about a decade, which is seven years lesser than the duration of their divorce related legal battles!

Not a Strong Marriage

According to the statements issued by divorce lawyers engaged in the case, the debate has been so acrimonious that the judges have had to rebuke the pair for their conduct! One of the judges also stated that considering that the ex-couple are both professors of law that are training future divorce attorneys to make a fool of their profession!

What the!?

Christo Lassiter, who is 56 years old, is now a professor at the Cincinnati University. His ex-wife Sharlene is now 52 and is known as Sharlene Boltz post her remarriage. She is engaged as a law professional at the Chase College of Law that comes under the Northern Kentucky University. Remarkably, this 17 year long divorce suit had over 1,400 entries filed in it which was 1,000 entries more than the typical divorce case filings. Judges have found these proceedings to be truly baffling.

Beyond Cutting Corners

However, Boltz and Lassiter have not been deterred by the lengthiness of the trial. Boltz has called the police to her ex-husband’s workplace several times. She first had and then subsequently lost the custody of her kids who are now 20 and 17 years old. The case also involves numerous complaints by the judges who have been presiding over the case stating that the couple has repeatedly been guilty of violating the rules. Being law professors themselves, more responsible behavior was expected of them.

This has indeed been one of the most interesting divorce proceedings in recent times, albeit, for wrong reasons. There is a unanimous wish for it all to end soon enough!