Divorce and ChildrenNew York, NY-Nothing brings out the mean, vindictive and bitter side of a person more than a breakup or a divorce. When it comes to divorce, a better person can turn into a nasty troll. And try as they might, divorce attorneys and the courts may find it impossible to tempers the strong emotions of the splitting couple.

Last fall, the divorce of New York Banker Sage Kelly made national headlines after his estranged wife Christina made salacious allegations about him. The couple was enmeshed in child custody battle so Mrs. Kelley accused her husband of being drug addict and detailed some of his sexual escapades. One of which involved a foursome between the Kellys, a pharmaceutical CEO and his girlfriend.

That resulted in a counter suit from Mr. Kelly in which he accused Christina of doing drugs and endanger the safety of their two daughters.  The former Mrs. Kelly was arrested for driving while intoxicated in 2010 with her daughters in the back seat.

The vicious custody battle began when Mr. Kelly put an hidden camera in Christina’s house and caught her snorting cocaine and chugging beers. That video helped him get sole custody of their two daughters, but that pushed Christina to file the public documents, exposing their debaucheries to the whole world.

All that back forth ended in early November when they couple settled their divorce for an undisclosed amount. They also agreed on a joint custody arrangement for their children, but their behavior didn’t go unnoticed.

The divorce judge presiding over their case was far from pleased with the couple’s antics throughout their divorce and made his displeasure known in front of the Kellys, their divorce attorneys and the courtroom.

The New York Post reports that Manhattan Judge Matthew Cooper chided the couple when they appeared in court this week, calling their divorce a “fiasco.” Judge Cooper accused the couple of causing permanent emotional damage to their children. “These innocent children have been caught up in a horrible, horrible fiasco,” Justice Matthew Cooper said, according to the Post.

Money and money are always a big deals in divorce, but they don’t always carry the emotional weight of child custody. Disagreements over custody can devolve into a knock-down, drag-out fight. Parents can be so caught up in getting what they want that they unknowingly let the concern they have for their children fall to the wayside. The well-being of the child or children should always take precedence and a divorce attorney will make certain a couple remembers that.

The turmoil children and their parents go through doesn’t have to sully their divorce. When a couple can let go of their resentment or their need to jab at their estranged spouse, they can work together and with their legal counsel to come up with a financial and child custody arrangement they can both live with. Keep it peaceful and if you can’t be civil, let your divorce attorney speak for you.