Often times, divorce attorneys have to deal with having to divide assets between rich couples, as in the case of JLL VP Mathew Astrachan who is now grappling with a $20 million lawsuit filed by his estranged wife Sheri!

Successful real estate company VP faces wife’s wrath

Mathew Astrachan incurred the wrath of his wife Sheri when he took away her credit cards and ended her membership at the Old Westbury Golf & Country Club. According to the lawsuit as reported in the New York Post, Sheri’s name and details of the amount of debt will be listed for public view in different places including the club’s locker rooms. Sheri Astrachan, embarrassed by this sort of publicity retaliated by lodging a $20 million defamation suit against her estranged husband.

The end of an 18 year old marriage that involves three daughters comes with its own dose of bitterness as the couple battle over a $150,000 Maserati, over $100,000 in annual vacations, family home at Westbury, and a $150,000 worth summer rental in the Hamptons. As per court records, Mathew had to leave their Westbury home for having cheated on his wife.

Rapper Iggy Azalea asks to be excused from sitting for a divorce deposition

Following a divorce petition filed by Hefe Wine aka Maurice Williams who claims to be rapper Iggy Azalea’s husband, the hip hop artist is likely to be grilled under oath. While Hefe claims the couple were married in 2008, the rapper denies such claims. However, Azalea will have to attend deposition sittings since her plea to be excused was denied by the judge.

The rapper came to the US from Australia in 2008 as a teenager and claims that the ‘scoundrel’, husband Wine as she refers to, lied to her and supported her initially when they began living together in Texas.

Common law marriage is recognized in Texas State, where, if a man and a woman live together long enough as man and wife it is considered to be a marriage.

Wine, wants the court to prevent Azalea or Amethyst Kelly, which is her real name, from selling assets he claims were acquired during their so called marriage.

Azalea admits that her husband was a convicted felon

Kelly came to America at the age of 17 with dreams of making it as a Hip Hop singer/rapper. William befriended her about a month later and gave her a place to stay. He said he owned an oil company and a music company. Out of money and alienated from her family, Kelly was running out of funds to support her stay.  William gave her a place he owned to live in, promising to do it up for her.

Strange claims

Kelly asserts that she was not aware when she agreed to stay with him. She alleges that he had a criminal record and was a convicted back in 1990 on charges that included theft, burglary, and domestic assault. What does that have to do with anything though?! She also claims Hefe abused her all the time they lived together. They why did she remain with him?

He is currently free on a $50,000 bond set by the judge after being booked on domestic assault charges. She also cites his use of aliases. A date for hearing has been set for January 7th at the Texas Court in Harris County.