The couple has only been married since February of 2015 but rumors are afloat that they are already headed towards divorce. Depp met Amber Heard on the set of the movie The Rum Diary and the pair started dating back in 2012. They had a wedding that was described as something out of a fairy tale. The couple tied the knot on a private island on 4th February 2015, and has two children together, a daughter and a son.

Depp is a good man

In 2007, Depp’s daughter recovered after battling a serious e.coli infection which was causing her kidneys to shut down. As gratitude to the hospital that treated his daughter, Depp donated approximately $2 million to the hospital and even spent the good half of a day at the hospital, dressed as Jack Sparrow and read stories to sick children.

According to sources, the golden globe winner’s marriage is under strain and cracks are being exposed. Reportedly, Depp is always indulging in drinking and partying and goes days without a call or message to his wife. Understandably, Heard is always worried sick about him. During the filming of the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Amber Heard had called the set of the movie in Australia several times looking for her husband. Heard may want to stop worrying so much and visit the site where some of the finest divorce attorneys can be found.

Speculation of Depp’s alcohol problem started when he appeared visibly inebriated while making a speech at the Hollywood Film Awards. But you could be asking Heard why she married Depp? Some people believe it was because she was a lesbian but she married Depp to have better contacts in the movie industry. The entire situation is goofy.

Fans around the world are praying that the star addresses and fixes his partying problem or else they are likely to see his marriage end in an ugly divorce.

Facebook – a treasure of evidence for divorce attorneys

Divorce attorneys throughout the nation now have a new weapon in their arsenal. Pictures and status updates posted on Facebook sometimes prove to be crucial evidence in winning or losing a divorce battle with regards to alimony, child custody, and other issues. A 4th District Court Of Appeals of the State of Florida recently ruled that material posted on on-line social media can be used in court trials regardless of what privacy setting the user has chosen.

The option Facebook provides to users to select who can view their posts has given users and members a false sense of security and they post material which normally they would not even consider posting. Divorce attorneys fish for pictures on Facebook which show their opposition’s client indulging in drinking/partying and other activities and use these posts to taint their image and character in court.

Beware of financial infidelity

It is not uncommon for a divorced individual to be presented with a bill stating that they owe the IRS thousands of dollars. How is this possible? It is one of the cons of filing taxes jointly with your spouse while married. If your spouse is dishonest about their financial situation and fails to file taxes on a regular and timely basis, there are chances that the practice will run up a massive tax debt that the other spouse is not even aware of.

The issue is that, once divorced, this tax debt will have to be shared between the two spouses. And in cases where only one of the spouses was earning an income, that spouse will be 100% responsible for clearing the debt.

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