Not very long ago, John Cryer’s ex wife had approached the courts for increasing her child support amount from $8,000 to $88,000, in the presence of divorce attorneys! However, her claims were not honored by the court which ruled that no one would need $80,000 for bringing up a child. However, ex Mrs. Cryer, Sarah, explained to the court that her son Charlie was used to the luxuries of the life of a normal rich kid and she is not being able to support his needs with the $8,000 that is being awarded to her!


She also stated that Charlie was feeling deprived for not being able to keep up with his friends at school! He goes to the upmarket Buckley School and according to Sarah; he is being ridiculed by his playmates for not being able to live a rich life! Many people though do not believe these claims and if they are true, perhaps the child should be sent to another school.

The amount she receives should be reduced because of her devious ploy and exploiting a child.

Sarah’s claims for more child support amount were based on the fact that John was making a whopping $2 million per month from his show “two and half men!” However, John has refuted all such claims. He has stated that his earning was less than half of what Sarah has claimed and therefore her claims were baseless. Besides, the court has also not found much steam in her demands.

They have clearly asked her alight from the gravy train and begin fending for herself, explained a divorce lawyer! However, Sarah justified her stand by stating that her custody time share had increased from 4% to 50% of the time and therefore, she needed more amount as compensation!

A Greedy and Pathetic Woman

Sarah has clearly been trying to use the fanciful demands of her son as a pretext for raking in more cash from John! However, she is not likely to meet with any success claims divorce attorneys. She should not consider bringing down her expenses and settle within what she already has.

What will she do when the boy turns 18 and the easy money is cut off?