Los Angeles, CA- When Tina and Joe Simpson filed for divorce earlier this week, rumors that Joe was gay began to surface. But now, a source close to Tina says those rumors are true.

RadarOnline reported that in August, Tina found some incriminating photos or Joe and a gay model, Bryce Chandler Hill, 24.

“Joe got busted after Tina found some modeling pictures of Bryce in her home,” a source told RadarOnline, “They were taken in and around the house and Tina was suspicious because she didn’t know the boy.”

One of Tina’s close friends CaCee found photos of Joe and Bryce posing together. So Tina contacted Joe, who was in New York via a text message. Joe dismissed the insulation that Bryce was anything more than a client. An enraged Tina then flew to New York to confront her husband.

“When she got there, she called him down to the lobby and they thrashed it out,” the source told RadarOnline, “It was there and then that Joe confessed to having a gay affair with Bryce, who had left the hotel just days earlier, and Tina demanded a divorce.”

An affair is an affair, regardless of whether it is a gay or straight one. Infidelity is one of the leading causes of divorce. When someone wants to get out of a troubled marriage and have numerous assets and property to divide they need to retain a divorce lawyer who will fight for a settlement with their best interests in mind.