Evidently, Steve Sarkisian is not alone when it comes to Football Bowl Subdivison coaches suffering with distressing personal issues. He is joined by none other than Jimbo Fisher, as reported by NBC Sports.

Jimbo Fisher is a former Football Quarterback that played for Salem, Samford and the Chicago Brusiers and is the current head coach of the Florida State College Football team. Even highly successful people cannot always make a marriage work and the divorce attorneys on the site of USAttorneys.com know how to handle situations that are publically stressful.

Custody arrangements being worked out

According to sources, him and his wife and their divorce attorneys are currently mediating divorce and are negotiating alimony and custodial issues. The 49-year old Head Coach is married to Candi Fisher who is 46 years old, but sadly, the pair has been separated for a few months now.

They have two sons together, namely, Trey Fisher and Ethan Fisher. Jimbo and Candi met back in 1987 when he was still playing football for Samford in the Quarterback position.

Unfortunately, in August of 2011, Jimbo and Candi broke the news that their son Ethan was suffering from a very rare and potentially fatal blood complication known as Fanconi Anemia. This kind of blood disorder is especially dangerous since it puts the patient under risk of contracting several types of life-threatening cancers.

In fact, the couple even started a fund to campaign and raise awareness of the rare disorder. The fund was named the Jimbo and Candi Fisher Kidz 1st Fund Foundation.

How to handle mortgage post – divorce

Most divorced person’s that have a house mortgage inevitably ask this question (considering that they obtained ownership of the house in the divorce), is it possible to remove my spouses name from the house mortgage and how can it be done?

According to expert divorce attorneys, the answer to this question is not one that people are going to like, there is simply no possible way to remove the name of any person from a current on-going real estate loan.

Unfortunately, this holds true irrespective of the outcome of the divorce and its terms regarding real estate assets. A divorce ruling just cannot change an already exiting legal agreement between a person, his or her former spouse and the bank. Therefore, if the divorce agreement instructs you to remove the name of your ex from the loan agreement, then you have no option but to pay off the loan entirely or refinance the house into only your name or sell the house itself.

Divorce laws in Ohio

According to Columbus Ohio divorce attorneys, the state recognizes both fault and no-fault divorce. Basically, a marriage can be annulled if one spouse is able to prove that the other was at fault (adultery, substance abuse, mental degradation, domestic abuse, alcoholism etc.). However, on the other hand, if both parties have mutually agreed to divorce, they can simply file a no-fault divorce and cite that their marriage has been irretrievably broken.

Apart from ending the marriage through a divorce, a marriage is also legally considered over in Ohio if it has been annulled or dissolved or if one of the spouses passes away.