There are several types of spousal support that can be setup between the spouses through a court order during the divorce process, according to leading divorce lawyers from Jersey City, NJ. On top of this, there is no one better in this regard than Moskowitz Law Group, LLC who knows the system in this domain with acumen and knows how to poke holes in the opposition’s case with the best of them. Their track record is brilliant.

The judge overseeing the case will essentially consider several factors and then decide what sort of spousal support will work in each individual case.

Spousal support is also known as alimony and in this article we will take a look at the different types of spousal support which can be setup during a divorce.

Temporary support while the divorce is pending

Divorce cases can get complicated indeed. Sometimes, they can even go on for not only months, but years. In such cases, understandably, one of the spouses (the non-earning one) will require money in order to support his or her expenses, child needs, etc. and thus he or she may be granted temporary spousal support until the divorce is finalized and a more permanent spousal support agreement is reached.

Now if you want to see someone pay a lot in alimony just watch the show Two and a Half Men with Jon Cryer who plays the sad and pathetic father and ex-husband Alan Harper. Harper, who is a chiropractor, sends thousands of dollars every month (though they never show the audience the exact amount) to his ex who has a classic attitude problem. They only had one son together but this does not prevent the system from taking much of what Harper is worth and he has to pay spousal support too.

Harper’s family law legal professional was terrible. He hired the wrong family law lawyer or did not hire one at all. His mistake either way!

Several New Jersey divorce attorneys specifically recommend that a couple have some sort of written agreement with regards to temporary spousal support so it can be enforced as soon as the divorce commences. The whole idea of temporary support is to provide for the spouse who needs timely payments and so delaying even temporary spousal support by arguing or contesting its terms will certainly defeat the purpose.

If you cannot agree on a temporary support plan immediately after a divorce, the judge will have to hear both the spouses’ arguments in order to make a decision. This will, obviously require more time to process than a written temporary spousal support agreement.

Short-term support

Short term support is meant to provide for the non-earning spouse after a divorce until the recipient can find a source of income to support him or her. Short term support usually only lasts a couple or more years and the end date is already specified when this kind of support is ordered.

However, rehabilitative support is slightly different in the sense that there is no specific end date set and the support will come to an end once the recipient is able to get themselves trained, and back into the workforce and start earning a living for themselves independently.

Jersey City, NJ divorce lawyers reiterate that if the payee suspects that the spouse receiving this kind of support is not actually making any real efforts to get a job, he or she can move the court to have them set a termination date or even reduce the support amount being paid.

This would have made too much sense for Alan Harper though!

Long-term support

Long term support is also known as permanent support and is generally prescribed in divorces where the marriage lasted a decade or longer. In such cases, the dependent spouse will receive support until either the payer dies or the dependent spouse is remarried which Alan Harper was very happy when his ex remarried. But he still chose not to pay any rent!

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