American Hustler and the guy who made us forget about Matt Damon in the Bourne movies, actor Jeremy Renner, 44, and his wife of 10 months, Sonni Pacheco, have agreed on joint legal and physical custody of their two-year-old daughter, Ava Berlin.

Pacheco had filed for divorce citing fraud and asked for primary custody of the child, child support, and spousal support. However, the court rejected Pacheco’s demand for spousal support as the couple had a prenup and they had been married for only 10 months. The case was further complicated by Pacheco’s claim that the prenup was invalid because it was based on fraud and Renner claiming that he only married Pacheco because she threatened to reveal personal videos of Renner unless he married her so that she could obtain a Green Card.

According to court documents filed by Renner, Pacheco told their roommate that she would release private videos of Renner unless he followed through and married her. Renner claims that he married Pacheco only because of the extortion threats issued by her.

The extortion threat also included a demand for money according to Renner. The roommate has also said in court documents that Pacheco was an unfit mother as she did cocaine soon after the daughter was born and when she was still breastfeeding her. Pacheco also stopped breastfeeding her daughter so that she could drink. She is also accused of having left Ava alone for 15 minutes so that she could go attend a party.

Renner is ripped off

Renner will pay $13,000 a month to Pacheco toward child support, according to the settlement arrived. However, Pacheco’s lawyer also said in court that there could be more issues in the future over the divorce. Renner’s lawyer then told the court that the case was fully resolved now. Pacheco could have used because she came out large in this case and now is set for many years to come for doing nothing.

Marry someone with money and use and abuse them – it works!

Renner is known for his Oscar nominated roles in The Hurt Locker and The Town (the former is far superior though). He is also set to appear in Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation and Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Multiple issues in divorce

When a couple decides to file for divorce there are multiple issues that need to be resolved. As such if you or your spouse has decided to file for divorce, you need to retain the services of a solid divorce lawyer who will protect your rights. When children are involved, the couple has to wither agree on the custody of the child or file a case in court to determine custody.

Additionally, the couple has to agree on child support. In many cases, spousal support is determined by the prenup if one was signed. However, a divorce attorney will be able to help ensure that your rights are protected in case the marriage was for a long duration. In such cases, the courts might decide to award spousal support even if it is not covered by the prenup.

Different states have different laws regarding spousal support, child support, and child custody. When it comes to child custody, courts normally take the best interests of the child into consideration apart from looking at who the primary caregiver of the child has been so far.