Lexington, KY- Jeremy Renner’s custody dispute with his estranged wife, model Sonny Pacheco, has come to end as TMZ reports the couple has come up with a settlement.

According to TMZ, the couple will share joint custody of their 1-year-old daughter, which is what the actor wanted anyway. Renner will pay Pacheco $13,000 a month in child support so she made out pretty well in that area, even though they were only married a scant 10 months.

This custody dispute got ugly early on with Pacheco demanding primary custody of her infant daughter and even threatening to take her back to Canada. Pacheco also accused Renner of stealing and hiding her passport and demanded he pay her rent and spousal support. She also said he wasn’t support his daughter even though he had been paying her support since they split.

Pacheco didn’t get the spousal support, according to TMZ.

There was a lot of drama with this one, which is fine in the silver screen, but isn’t really something you really want in your life. Pacheco’s attorney told a judge on April 1st that the matter was completely settled, according to TMZ. So, we’ll see.

There are two lessons to be learned from Renner’s divorce drama. For one, custody disputes involving international couples can be exceedingly complex. When an international couple cannot come up with an agreeable settlement, the issue is resolved in the court where the initial divorce request was filed. In Renner’s case, the initial divorce petition was filed in Los Angeles so custody would be determined in the states.

If an international couple become enmeshed in a custody dispute, the assistance of a family law attorney is an absolute necessity.

The second lesson to learn from this is the value of having an accomplished divorce attorney working with you and your estranged spouse. The direction a divorce takes, whether it takes and ugly turn or is resolved with little acrimony, largely depends on a couple’s willingness to work with each other to resolve their differences. In an acrimonious divorce, an attorney can act as a mediator and help the couple keep sight of the important issues, which in many cases is child custody.

Renner retained legendary attorney to the stars, Laura Wasser, who clearly knows what she is doing.

When child custody is an issue, a divorce attorney will ensure your rights are respected and any arrangements have the best interest of your child or children. You legal counsel can’t guarantee you and your estranged spouse won’t have disagreements, but they can keep the focus on the important divorce issues that need to be resolved.

How easily and quickly you settle your divorce really depends on how you and your spouse work with each other and what your expectations you have. You can never predict if a divorce is going to turn into a battle, but if you have an attorney on your side, you have a better chance of keeping negotiations from going off the rails.