If reports are to be believed, Jennifer Lopez (JLo) and Casper Smart, who happens to be her toyboy arm candy lover, are headed for Splitsville. Both have stated that they might be considering a split since the spark in their relationship as reportedly fizzled out! Jennifer has not exactly been lucky with relationships but so what? Does she go for character or is it looks and money? Divorce attorneys are well aware of the developments that led to her much publicized divorce with Marc Anthony.

Horrendous Movies

Well, she certainly was not with Anthony for looks because most believe he looks terrible. And she was only with Ben Affleck for his ties to Hollywood. Remember her and him made Gigli, possibly the worst movie this century besides Pain and Gain and War of the Worlds.

Some prominent divorce lawyers are of the opinion that it is perhaps for this unwanted publicity that ruined her privacy last time around that Lopez has chosen to remain extremely private about this current relationship of hers. Both the 44 year old actress and her lover have been dropping hints suggesting a separation, with no direct references.

Lopez claimed that in her head she always knew that this relationship would not stand the test of time. And now her heart has chosen to agree. One of the core reasons for their differences could be that Lopez and her beau are at very different spots in their career. Whereas Jennifer is an established actress with many hits to her credit, Casper is still a backing dancer and has a long way to go.

Why did she not think of this before?

The actress has expressed that she would like to take the responsibility of not committing the same mistakes she had been a victim of in the past. According to her, calling it quits would be in the best interests of both. She wishes to take charge of her life so that Casper is free to take charge of his own, in the fashion that he feels best.

What is the nation’s debt? Who cares about JLo’s relationships?

Jennifer and Casper has been dating for almost two years now and the relationship had considerably deepened over this period. However, the decision to end it must have been taken post much deliberation. Seemingly, there seems to be no bitterness at all.