Biloxi, MS – After almost three years of being divorced, former football star Jason Taylor is being sued by his ex-wife.

Forbes reports that his ex-wife, Katrina Taylor, is suing him for $3.4 million. Why? Because he came up short with his alimony payment of $8.67 million.

The fact that the couple had even finalized a divorce is news to most media outlets, who had no idea the couple had separated. Taylor split from his wife of 14 years by using a divorce attorney to pre-negotiate a speedy divorce.

One of the main reasons news outlets weren’t alerted to the divorce case is because it sprinted through the court system in just under two weeks. However, the jig was up a couple of days ago when Katrina filed a lawsuit against Taylor in order to collect the remaining balance on her alimony payment.

According to NBC Sports, Taylor hasn’t hired a divorce lawyer yet nor responded to the complaint filed. In the complaint, Katrina states that Taylor is “willfully and deliberately refusing” to pay the remaining $3.4 million, despite having more than enough cash to cover it.

To prove her point, she references Taylor’s following assets: Seaside Bank CDs worth about $600,000, a $1.3 million retirement account, $1.5 million worth of cars, about $1.5 million in real estate holdings, and a securities account worth $2 million. In total, Taylor has at least $6.9 million is assets.

Taylor is currently paying $4,000 in child support, but still has yet to pay for the kid’s private school education and health insurance.

Since Taylor has refused to respond, Katrina’s divorce attorney filed a motion for default.

Katrina is not alone in dealing with a spouse who missed their alimony payment for one reason or another. If live in Mississippi, the courts have a lot of discretion in deciding what to do when you don’t receive your court-ordered alimony.

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Divorce courts in Mississippi have the following remedies to choose from:


When your spouse intentionally doesn’t pay their alimony payments in Mississippi, then a court might hold them in contempt. If this happens, they will be ordered to pay the amount that is overdue, plus a fine.

Income Withholding.

Many alimony orders in Mississippi start out with an income withholding order. This requires your spouse’s employer to withhold the amount of the alimony payment from their paycheck and send it directly to the other spouse.

Judgement and Interest.

If your spouse owes you a large sum of money, then your divorce lawyer in Mississippi can ask the court to issue a money judgement against your spouse. This may include interest and reimbursement for the divorce lawyers’ fees connected to collecting any unpaid alimony.

Writ of Execution.

Through the divorce courts in Mississippi, a judge can award you portions of your spouse’s assets. These assets can include bank accounts, CDs, and property.

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