Jane Seymour had announcement the termination of her 20 year old marriage with James Keach in April this year. However, she waited through for this long before filing for legal separation before divorce attorneys. The papers were processed by the yesteryear 62 year old bond girl.

She Likes to Stray Too (4th marriage for her!)

She cited irreconcilable differences as the prime cause responsible for the marriage. Jane and her husband have 17 year old twins together. She has sought the joint custody of her sons Kristopher and Johnny (they are almost 18, does it really matter?). The actress clarified that she did not warrant any spousal support (wow, he must really like that). This is her fourth divorce and the news had been made public amidst widespread rumors of her husband’s varied interests in women.

A Family Circus

Jane has told divorce lawyers that the couple was busy negotiating the terms that would govern the divorce. She explained that both parents would continue to play their roles of devoted parents. Jane has two more children from previous marriages, 28 year old artist Sean Flynn and a 31 year old daughter, Katie, with former husband David Flynn. She is also the stepmother of Kalen Keach and Jenni Flynn. According to reports, James and Jane separated out after Easter after they reported having problems in their relationship for years. Friends have stated that their marriage was over a long time back.

The Good Days are Over

A divorce lawyer friend explained that although James is an extremely charismatic man he is also a big flirt and has a wandering eye for women. She did not know this before?

The couple had been having issues concerning trust. Although Jane entered the marriage wanting it to last through forever, she is indeed sad but has finally resigned to the fact that the marriage is indeed over. The couple shares a bungalow in Malibu along with their twin sons.

It is being hoped that the proceedings will go through smoothly without much of bad blood or bitterness.