More than four years of being married, and it finally ends in an expensive divorce for Glee star Jane Lynch. A Los Angeles court has finalized the actress’ divorce from her ex Dr. Lara Embry. The split, which was pretty amicable given the messy way some recent celebrity splits have gone, has cost Lynch almost half her fortune. Her divorce attorney says that according to the terms of the divorce, Dr. Embry is entitled to receive half of Lynch’s royalties including the money she made from the hugely popular TV series Glee.

It seems these feminist laws have backfired on rich woman. Lynch should have signed a pre-nup.

Couple Parted Due to ‘ Irreconcilable Differences’

Lynch and Embry were married in 2010, on Memorial Day in Massachusetts. Three years later Lynch filed for divorce in LA and the reason given was the same that most celebrities do – irreconcilable differences. The divorce process between the two was dealt in a civilized and amicable manner, say sources close to the TV actress. According to insider reports, Embry had initially asked for a monthly spousal support that would amount to about $93,000 per month.

She claimed that by living with Lynch she had grown accustomed to a high flying lifestyle wherein she would spend $6,500 per month on clothes, $12,000 per month on entertainment and vacations, and $4,500 on restaurant bills. However, Lynch is known to have denied that request. Also, the house where the couple used to live will stay with Lynch as she had purchased it with her own money.

It has not been disclosed exactly how much Embry will receive from the settlement but sources speculate that it has not been easy for Lynch to reclaim her single life. Lynch actually believes people care about this! She has not heard of ISIS, poor job numbers, the national debt, America trading a traitor for 5 terrorists, and so on.

Jane Lynch just lost a lot of money to Dr. Lara Embry.

A Huge Come Up!

In addition to a lump sum of $1.2 million spread out over two years, the former wife of the celebrated actress will also be party to fifty percent of the funds kept in various bank accounts, fifty percent of all TV royalties that Lynch receives, fifty percent of the couple’s $56,810 tax refund, the couple’s yacht club membership, and the family dog!

TV Star Enjoying Single Life but Afraid of Dating

Even if the financial burden of getting a divorce has left a hole in Lynch’s pocket, she is definitely not showing it. The actress has been captured many a times on television saying that the post-divorce single life has been working for her and she is pretty happy about it. Lynch has reportedly confessed to liking being single and when asked if she would try online dating to find partners, she laughed it off by saying she didn’t think she could do something like that.

The 54-year-old actress is the winner of two Emmy Awards; one for her role as Sue Sylvester on the Fox series “Glee” and another award for hosting the show “Hollywood Game Night.” Despite her fame she says she has apprehensions about playing the field. In an interview with Billy Bush of PopCrush last month, she confessed to not wanting to go all out in the dating arena now despite knowing that this is something that she will have to do at some point of time.