Jada Pinkett Smith has just about had it with the rumors that have been circulating that she and hubby Will Smith are getting a divorce.

“It seems like that happens at least once a year, or at least once every two years,” Pinkett Smith, 40, tells Essence magazine in the September issue. “It’s rumored that we’re getting a divorce. But no. We’re not getting a divorce. Where am I gonna go? Where am I going to go? That’s my boo. It’s like he’s another part of me.”

The mother of two: Jaden 14, and Willow, 11, admits that living in the limelight has its share of consequences, including the divorce rumors. However, she tries her best to keep her personal life as private as possible.

Unfortunately, celebrities are constantly being scrutinized for their relationships. Miraculously, Jada and Will’s marriage is one of the few in Hollywood that have actually survived.

When you think of the Smiths, you think of a tight-knit family that has an abundance of love and respect for one another, which are the foundations of a successful marriage.

Unfortunately, not everyone finds their soul mate the way the Smiths did.

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