Jackson, Mississippi, Can an individual change divorce lawyers in the middle of divorce proceedings?

If a party involved in a divorce is unhappy with the legal services they are receiving or feels their divorce lawyer is not providing them with the best legal representation, they may be permitted to change attorneys in the middle of divorce proceedings. Because divorces address important issues such as division of assets, alimony, child support, child custody, etc. it is imperative that an individual is represented by a lawyer who has their best interest in mind and is willing to dedicate the time and effort his/her case needs.


Pros and Cons of Changing Divorce Lawyers in the Middle of Divorce Proceedings


Although there are more pros than cons to switching attorneys after filing for divorce, it is worth noting the few cons that exist.


Pros of Retaining a New Lawyer


  • A new attorney may be more accessible. If an individual was unable to get in contact with their lawyer or felt he/she was pushing their case to side on one or more occasions, he/she may find a Jackson, MS divorce attorney who will make themselves more available to address their needs and concerns.


  • A new lawyer can review the marital assets and determine how they should be divided. Although a Mississippi judge will divide a couple’s marital assets fairly, not necessarily equally, if one party is looking to maintain ownership over certain property, his/her lawyer can help collect the evidence needed to support this request.


  • A new attorney may be able to work out a better deal with the other party. Sometimes, couples will try and work out certain issues on their own rather than have a judge weigh in on the matter. For example, if a couple is able to work out a parenting agreement that is manageable and puts the child’s needs first, a judge may adopt this agreement. However, these types of agreements are usually reached with the help of a skilled Jackson, MS divorce lawyer which is why it is important for an individual to be represented by a legal professional who is eager to address certain issues such as child custody.


Cons of Retaining a New Lawyer


  • The individual may lose out on the money they already spent on the legal services they received.
  • The individual may need to spend some extra time catching his/her new divorce attorney up on the case.


Connect with a Divorce Law Firm in Jackson, MS


If an individual is looking to change divorce lawyers and their case is being held in Jackson, MS, they can contact Ballard Law, PLLC to find out if switching attorneys is an available option. The lawyers at Ballard Law, PLLC are skilled in all areas of family law, including divorce, and would happy to explain the methods they use to get their clients through the divorce process.


Ballard Law, PLLC can be reached at:


108 S. President Street

Jackson, MS 39201

Phone: 769-572-5111

Website: www.ballardlaw.ms

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