Los Angeles, CA- Bam Magera who was made famous after his appearances in three Jackass movies is a free man after finalizing his divorce from Missy Rothstein.

Rothstein and Magera were friends in high-school but didn’t marry until 2007. It became obvious early on that Rothstein, 32, was not pleased with her husband’s lifestyle which entailed frequent partying, drinking and various other antics.

Rothstein seem pleased to free, just after the divorce was finalized she sent a Tweet saying, “official divorced ;) happy finally free… who wanna (sic) come to my Divorce party.”

While Rothstein seems overjoyed that her five year marriage is over, Magera has yet to make a statement.

Magera has been going through a rough patch. In 2009, he almost died from an overdose, that same year he said “I may get a divorce… booze helps.” And just last year his good friend and Jackass co-star Ryan Dunn died in a traffic accident.

People get married with the intention of staying with and caring for that person, but sometimes the person you married can change or show sides of them you just can’t deal with. Nobody should stay in an unhappy marriage; it’s not good for them or their children, if they have any.

If divorce is imminent and problems cannot be conquered, a couple should retain a divorce lawyer to help you fill out the necessary documents and help you determine how you can split your assets and who will get custody of their children.