According to fresh information available with divorce attorneys, Jack White, makes a serious $62,000 every month! That’s truly a great deal of money by all standards! And, what makes it even meatier for Jack is that he is legally bound to pay only about $3,200 every month for his child support settlement! It is indeed a measly sum compared to Jack’s astronomical earnings and the singer has sure struck a fantastic deal through his divorce from Karen Elson, his ex-wife.

There are other ways to look at this though. There is not any child that costs that much to support. So really that $3,200 is too much. Pants and shoes do not cost that much.

The Wife is Loaded Too

The divorce document requires both partner to declare their monthly incomes and Karen, who is also a famed singer in her own right makes about $33,971 every month, according to the documents processed through their respective divorce lawyers. That’s certainly not a bad living either.

Plenty of Money

The divorce has just been finalized. However, what has come as a big surprise to al is that Karen is now the primary residential guardian or parent for their two kids, one is 6 years and other is 7 years old. And the amount that Jack pays for child support is not likely to be considered enough, according to a nominal few, considering that he makes so much more! Jack also receives physical custody of his children for a sizeable 150 days in a year. So the support amount indeed actually makes sense. Again though, some say $3,200 is too much. How many steaks does that child have to eat every month?

A Sad Ending

Jack has done quite well for the remaining part of the divorce agreement as well, claims his divorce attorney. He can now keep the rights of his entire musical business including top names like The Dead Weather, The Raconteurs, and The White Stripes. Similarly, Karen gets to keep hers. However, the divorce proceedings which were extremely bitter is highly unfortunate by all means. Karen and Jack tied the knot in 2005 inside a canoe right in the middle of the Amazon River making this an exotic ceremony. However, they parted ways in 2011, after two kids were born.