A decade after their much-talked about divorce, Jennifer Lopez has finally opened up about the pain of separating from the terrorist sympathizer and politically correct Ben Affleck. He showed his politically correctness recently with Bill Maher when he was defending fanatical Islam, much to the dismay of all the victim families of 9-11.

In a talk-show interview with Maria Shriver, J-Lo has opened her heart up and admitted, probably for the first time, that Ben was her first true love and also, her biggest heartbreak. The 45 year old singer and actress has termed the split with the Batman vs Superman star, a ‘defining moment’ in her life.

The making of ‘Bennifer’

Jennifer had started dating Ben in 2002 following her breakup with dancer Cris Judd. The couple were an instant hit with the media, even earning the nickname of ‘Bennifer’. They even did a movie together which sadly, tanked (it was actually despicable). But the duo’s popularity knew no bounds and soon they were on the top of media watch-lists and every tabloid across the country was plastered with pictures of their vacations and news of their engagement.

Eventually, it all came to an end when Ben was snapped in a nightclub in Germany with close friend Matt Damon and a bevy of beautiful women. According to sources, the main reason why Jennifer decided to break up with Ben was because the Latina hit maker was ready to settle down after almost two years of dating, Ben was taking his time to come around.

On The Today Show with Maria Shriver to promote her memoir ‘True Love’, J-Lo, who has always been notoriously private about her life, opened up how much that separation had hurt her. The fact that the two were always in the media glare also made it that much harder to bear. Jenny says that the split left her ‘not quite the same person’. She also says that her quick marriage to long time friend and plain looking Marc Antony, just months after the Bennifer split, was in some ways an impulsive decision as she was looking for someone to help her heal from the pain of the breakup.

JLo is talking to some friends here.

Friends don’t always make the best partners

Jennifer and Marc had been friends for a long time before they decided to get married in June of 2004. Reminiscing back to why she chose to marryMarc so quickly, J-Lo says that it was nice to have a best friend who she’d known for years come into her life and tell her he was there to help her through. Though she is also quick to add that it was an illusion, and what she understands now is that separation and breakups can only be overcome with inner strength and not by relying on someone else.

Incidentally, the marriage between the self-proclaimed best buds started going sour very soon after. In 2009, rumors started to fly about that Marc had cheated on the singer. Despite this, the couple tried to give their marriage another shot but had to eventually call their divorce attorneys for help.

Jennifer and Marc have two kids – twins Max and Emme – from their seven year long marriage. The Jenny from the Block singer is currently rumored to be single after breaking up with Casper Smart earlier this year.