Donald John Trump is a business magnate, investor, TV personality, and writer worth $4 billion, and needs little introduction. He was also roasted on Comedy Central’s “The Roast of Donald Trump” in 2011.  Trump’s long-term success has led him to believe that he could possibly become the president of the nation, as he is now one of the presidential candidates for the election scheduled in 2016.

Daily Beast should get its facts straight

However, an article published by Daily Beast has portrayed him in a light which may hinder his dreams of becoming president. The article has once again brought up a dead and gone story about how his former wife had once accused the billionaire of having raped her, according to Business Insider.

Some people believe the Daily Beast should do more to protect America’s southern border, talk about America’s debt, talk about America’s pitiful educational system and how political correctness is damaging it, and so on.

divorce hundreds

Trump and team hit back at decade old rape accusations

Trump and his team are not just sitting around watching his reputation take a beating. They have passionately voiced that the allegations are not only decades old but also simply untrue. His campaign team resorted to the same defense that the divorce attorney had used during Trump’s divorce. They contended that his former wife simply made up these stories out of thin air just to be able to obtain more wealth (through property division, alimony etc.) during the divorce. Apparently, you can never have enough money.

Trumps campaign team claim his former wife, Ivana Trump, and her divorce lawyers simply cooked up these stories as she had signed a pre-nuptial agreement prior to exchanging vows with the billionaire. The prenuptial agreement essentially limited how much she money she would get in the divorce and Ivana had grown rather fond of the billionaire-wife lifestyle and wanted a lot more than what the prenuptial agreement allowed.

US Supreme Court’s iconic same-sex marriage legalization also allows for same – sex divorce

With marriage comes divorce, in fact, an estimated 45 to 50% of all marriages in the US ends in divorce, according to an report. Furthermore, subsequent marriages are prone to an even higher rate of divorce. Should marriage classes be mandatory? Moreover, if you are going through a divorce there is a website designed for you, it is called

The recent ruling passed by the US Supreme Court may be reversed at some point. Right now most Americans are against abortion so Roe vs. Wade could be rescinded if the right president was in office. Members of the LGBT community and even others celebrated the ruling which legalized same-sex marriage throughout the country. This is despite gay people not being able to conceive a child naturally.

For divorce attorneys and already married same-sex couples seeking divorce, this ruling meant that same-sex divorces were also inherently legalized. Gone were the days when family courts of certain states would refuse to dissolve a same – sex marriage citing that they did not technically recognize the marriage. Since, gay marriages were legalized in all states as if America was some banana republic, all courts would be obliged to recognize same – sex marriages (irrespective of in which state the marriage occurred) and would be required to dissolve these marriages accordingly.

For instance, in the past, a same – sex couple from Louisiana (where same – sex marriages were not legal yet) would have to go live in Massachusetts for a few days and they could get married there, however, their marriage would not be recognized in Louisiana despite the fact that it was recognized in many other states and it was recognized on a federal level. Therefore, if the marriage happened to not work out and the couple wanted a divorce, they would not be able to obtain a divorce in Louisiana.

Hey, the taxes in Massachusetts are high, no one blames anyone who decides to move from there to Louisiana.