Los Angeles, CA- The divorce battle of the decade is finally over as a judge declares that Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries have reached a divorce settlement; this is Kim’s second victory of the week.

A judge on Friday announced that a settlement between the estranged couple has been reached, the details of which are being kept confidential. According to the Los Angeles Time, the judge told Kim, “Congratulations on your dissolution.” To which the very pregnant star replied “Thank You,” with a big smile.

The divorce will be finalized as soon as the judge signs the documents.

So Humphries, who was not in court since he was preparing for a key playoff game on Saturday, did not get the annulment he spent the past 18 months pursuing. Humphries and his legal team have been working diligently gathering evidence in the hope of proving that the marriage was fake, staged to generate publicity and revenue, which would allow Kris to get an annulment instead of a divorce, an important distinction to the devout Catholic.

It’s somewhat surprising that the divorce was settled so quickly. Granted it has been raging on significantly longer than the marriage actually lasted– Kim and Kris were married for 72 days but building the divorce case took 536 days, according to TMZ’s math.

This case has had many twists and turns, causing issues with Kim’s unborn child and exposing how contrived some “reality shows” really are. Kim’s friends, family, current boyfriend Kayne West, ex-boyfriends, and the producers of her reality shows were all subpoenaed by Humphries’s legal team in the effort to establish the marriage was phony.

But it would appear that Humphries’s fraud case was going South since he finally agreed to a settlement. There were signs that things were beginning to go Kim’s way when early this week, when the divorce judge agreed to prohibit cameras in the court during the divorce trial which was slated to begin in May.

Kris was also facing fines for being absent in a key hearing last week because he missed his flight from New York to Los Angeles. But the judge today dropped those charges and he won’t face any penalties.

Though the final settlement is supposed to be confidential, sources told TMZ that Humphries won’t get any money from Kim. Looks like he should have taken that $7 million she offered him last year. Humphries also agreed to drop the annulment. Both of them will pay their own legal fees.

The Los Angeles Times reported that it was Kim who encouraged the judge to drop the sanctions against Kris.

Now that Kim is a free woman, people can shift their focus from her divorce, and instead can speculate whether their will another wedding in her future. Kim has been dating rapper Kanye West for several months, and is due to give birth to his child in June, so she may be walking down the aisle now that she’s no longer married to Kris.