Los Angeles, CA-Sometimes divorces take no time to finalize, but in the case of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony it took a whopping three years to nail down the terms of their divorce and child custody arrangements.

Anthony filed for divorce in April of 2012 seeking joint custody of the couple’s twins, Emme and Max, and months later, in January of 2013, Lopez filed her counterclaim also seeking joint custody. They announced their split in 2011 after seven years of marriage.

Multiple sources reported the final terms of their divorce were submitted to the court in March, but a backlog held the agreement up until Monday, when a judge signed off on it.

Not too many details of the final divorce settlement will be available to the public since they signed a non-disclosure agreement. The agreement h states neither of them “shall publish or cause to be published any story, article, column, comment or book (fiction or non-fiction) describing the other party, the marriage, the dissolution of marriage proceeding or the relationship of the parties,” MSN reported.

Anthony and Lopez however revealed some of the terms of their child custody agreement. Lopez will get have custody of the 6 year-old twins most of the time each month. Anthony gets them 7 days, but only when the children’s nannies are present. We’re not sure what that’s all about and will probably never know.

TMZ got some of the details of the custody arrangement which includes orders the couple make their “best efforts” to shield the twins from “aggressive news organizations and photographers.” That means they have to keep the paparazzi away.

Neither spouse will get child nor spousal support. This is probably a relief for Anthony since his child support payments to his first wife, former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres, for their two sons was recently increased to $26,800 a month, twice the amount she was awarded in 2004 when she and Anthony split.

There’s also a clause which states that each parent gets to take Max and Emme trick-or-treating separately so the kids get double the fun and treats.

This divorce settlement closes the book on Lopez’s third marriage and Anthony’s second marriage.

Three years is a long time to settle the terms of the divorce,  but sometimes it just happens, especially when a couple is wealthy and has plenty of money to spend on divorce attorneys.

Anthony and Lopez should be commended for making certain the best interests of their children were protected during this process. Too many couples, famous or otherwise, put their children in the middle of their disagreements and use them as intentional or unintentional pawns to get even with one another.

Divorce is painful enough for children—and the couple, for that matter—so it’s important for a divorcing couple to keep them out of the fights and custody disagreements as much as possible. Although divorce attorneys are not therapists or psychologists, they can help a couple come up with a custody arrangement to minimize some of the negative effects divorce will have on them and their children.