It would appear that there is no shot for Joe and Tina Simpson’s marriage to be salvaged. The ex- couple, parents to singer-actresses Jessica and Ashlee Simpson, stepped out on their own in Los Angeles over the weekend for the first time since the divorce was announced.

The couple were wed for 35 years, so you have to wonder, what went wrong? There have been several rumors going around that Joe Simpson came out of the closet, but that has yet to be confirmed.

A Simpson family rep told the media that the split was “amicable” and that “no third party was involved” – meaning Joe’s alleged 21-year-old male model boyfriend.

The rep said that “other related allegations are completely false,” but inquiring minds are still not convinced.

The couple already put the family’s Encino, Calif. estate on the market last month for $4.3 million. They might need that money to pay for an attorney for Joe, who was arrested in August for driving under the influence.

What ever happened to the minister Joe Simpson we came to know as Jessica’s manager?

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