Birdnesting is alternative to traditional divorce, but it has its downsides.

Buffalo, NY- There is an endless list of frustrating things about divorce, but most couples will probably agree that child custody is the most vexing issue. Even when a couple agrees to joint custody, there is still the issue of a child spending more time with one parent and having to move from one place to the next every few days. Some couples have come up with a way around the downsides of joint child custody.

There are several alternatives to traditional divorce in 2016. Gwyneth Paltrow gave us “conscious uncoupling.” Then there is mediation, collaborative divorce and now we have “birdnesting.” We don’t know if the latter is going to take off, but you just never know.

So, what is “birdnesting”?

Child custody is a difficult issue to resolve, but birdnesting may be the solution for some couples.

“Birdnesting” is a response to studies that have shown that children are better off when they spend equal time with each parent. A couple who decides on “birdnesting” gets a traditional divorce but, instead of one parent moving out of the marital home and taking the kids with them, both parents rotate out of the family home. The children stay in the home all of the time, and the parents go from one house to the next. They couple leads separate lives and spends their nights out of the home couch-surfing, but such arrangements allow spouses and children to spend time together as a family.

The New York Post spoke to Wendy Paris, who wrote a book, Splitopia, in which she discussed divorce and her “birdnesting” arrangement with her ex-spouse. She and her ex-husband tried “birdnesting” three years after their divorce because she didn’t want to make her son “feel uprooted.” She said they remained a family “just not a married family.”

One attorney who was birdnesting with her estranged spouse said it “sucks” and it made her “feel like she didn’t have a home,” according to the Post. She told the paper she and her ex still fight about the things that caused their marriage to break down.

Let a child custody attorney be you guide during this troubling time.

“Birdnesting” can work for some couples, but the reality is it won’t work for all couples. That is why USAttorneys cannot emphasize enough how important it is to speak with a lawyer who understands the alternatives to traditional divorce. Our team of divorce lawyers in Buffalo, New York, will outline the options you have to dissolve your marriage and resolve your child custody issues. After listening to the details of your divorce, our team will help you choose the best method for you, your spouse and your children.

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