Suri Cruise is living with her mom, actress Katie Holmes, these days after her and Tom Cruise got a divorce, and it seems as though she is missing her dad quite a bit.

Six-year-old Suri was spotted chatting on a cell phone in New York City while leaving a restaurant with her mom. She looked pretty happy, but while no one really knows who she was talking to, all signs point to it being dear old dad, who is currently in London for the upcoming film “All You Need is Kill.”

As part of their divorce agreement, Tom can talk to Suri all he wants, and the father-daughter duo often video chat when her father is away. The last time Tom and Suri were seen together was in early August in Orlando, after Tom took his daughter to Disney World.

While Tom and Suri’s relationship seems pretty intact, Tom and Katie’s, well, not so much. The couple parted ways earlier this year following a fast divorce earlier this year and remain amicable for Suri’s sake.

Katie has primary custody of Suri, but the couple was advised by their respective divorce lawyers that keeping communication with Suri would help her adjust to life after the split, as divorce can be especially hard for young children to cope with.

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