Although Russell Crowe and his ex Danielle Spencer have decided to part ways, it seems as though Crowe will be saying goodbye to a lot more than just his wife. The Aussie actor should find himself a top divorce lawyer, because he is allegedly going to be losing $25 million – if not more – in his divorce settlement, which will make Spencer a very happy divorcee indeed.

The pair called it quits after nine years of marriage, which is basically an eternity in celebrity years. The couple met on the set of “The Crossing” 13 years before getting hitched in 2003 and began dating right away.

“The thought [of marrying her] crossed my mind the first time I met her,” said Crowe about his now ex-wife. He’s probably wishing right now he could have eliminated that thought from his head because now he’s going to owe her a pretty penny.

Crowe’s assets include $50 million in properties, including a $14 million penthouse in Sydney and farmland in New South Wales. Of those assets, $3 million are also to be given to each of his sons Charles, 8, and Tennyson, 6. But the Oscar winner has a lot more where that came from. The “Gladiator” star has amassed well over $150 million throughout the past twenty years.

Although things look pretty good for Spencer, she shouldn’t count her chickens before they have fully hatched. The couple allegedly signed a prenuptial agreement which stipulates that Spencer would receive a minimum of $15 million if the couple were to divorce anytime after three years of marriage.

But if it seems Spencer is going to get a lot of money, her Hollywood divorce settlement has nothing on some others, like Mel Gibson, who was ordered to cough up a whopping $425 million to his ex-wife Robyn after being married for 29 years.