A new Florida bill, similar to one that was recently vetoed, will change the way child custody is awarded.

Jacksonville, FL- Child custody is a very complicated issue for divorcing couples to resolve and can serve as a huge source of contention for a couple. Recently, a law regarding child custody was vetoed by Governor Rick Scott last month, but lawmakers aren’t giving up on changing the way family courts decide child custody cases.

According to Click Orlando, state lawmakers have introduced a new bill that calls for a change in the amount of time each parent gets with their children when joint custody is awarded. Under current laws, child custody arrangements are decided by considering the best interest of the child which some advocates of the new legislation say benefits mothers more than fathers.

The new law, which some advocates believe will eventually pass, calls for joint custody arrangements to split the time spent with each parent 50/50. That means the presumption of the law is that a child will spend equal time with each parent, and a parent who objects to the arrangement would be required to show that their spouse poses a danger to a child or is unable to take care of them. Some of the things that could impact how child custody is awarded include child abuse, spousal abuse, substance abuse, turning a child against the other parent and unacceptable living conditions.

This new law is the second attempt to change the way child custody is decided in Florida.

Click Orlando noted that if this law passes, children may be called to testify in court which can be bad for a child. Psychiatrist Robert Goldstein told the TV station that involving children in the divorce process is not a good idea. Dragging a child into divorce proceedings can be polarizing and cause more strife than necessary.

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A lawyer can make child custody easier to resolve and ensure children are not dragged into the process.

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