Khloe Kardashian has recently been in the news for her recently filed divorce suit against husband Lamar Odom. 29 year old Khloe filed for divorce with the basketball star on December 13th with the help of her private divorce attorney! However, if rumor mills are to be believed, the lady has reportedly moved on already! Gossip columns have told divorce lawyers that Khloe was seen heading to the gym with Matt Kemp! Sources have revealed that Matt and Khloe are indeed dating. However, the reports are not confirmed yet!

Some people believe Khloe needs more than a gym workout and perhaps some liposuction. Other people believe Kemp could do a lot better and why just put yourself into a personal and social circus with these people? He should be resting considering how often he is injured.

Khloe is Seeking Happiness

This bit of news has come as a real surprise for her friends and fans at large. How can she possibly move a day after filing divorce? However, a divorce lawyer friend who is pretty close to Khloe clarified her stand by stating that it is her nature to love hard when she does and then move on quickly if she encounters a heartbreak. And that is exactly what she has done this time around. Clearly, Khloe isn’t inclined to carry any baggage of her marital alliance further and is scouting new avenues for leading a happy life where she could feel loved.

This is coming from someone who has never worked a day in their life.

As regards her newfound beau Matt Kemp, he was initially dating Rihanna. Matt has fueled these rumors by posting a picture of the Kardashian family Christmas trees from inside the home of Kris Jenner, Khloe’s mom. It is somewhat clear therefore, that the affinity is indeed mutual and there would be lot more to watch out for.

Odom is Lost

However, considering the fact that Khloe’s divorce proceedings have just begun, several complications could arise in the mutual equations. It is still to be seen what Lamar Odom has to say about this swift move. His reactions to the whole affair are being eagerly awaited by the paparazzi. Surely, rumor mills would be spinning over time on this.