Yuma, AZ – Much of the cost and time associated with a divorce is due to issues that need to be formally litigated in court. Divorce mediation has become a popular option to avoid court, as the couple can simply agree on most or all aspects of their divorce and come to a settlement agreement without spending much time in formal litigation. Those who want to learn more about the process can talk with a local family attorney about how to end their marriage quickly and efficiently. 

What is divorce mediation?

Mediation is a type of dispute resolution that is utilized in situations where the couple wants to agree on many of the most important matters related to their divorce case so that they can avoid court and a long, drawn out divorce. However, in situations where a couple is totally at odds with each other, it is unlikely that mediation will help and they may end up spending significant time in court. 

The two members of the divorcing couple will work with a neutral third party mediator to sort out the issues related to their separation as thoroughly as necessary. The mediator cannot make any decisions for the couple, as they must decide these matters on their own through the process. The mediator is only there to help with certain aspects of coming to an agreement. 

The settlement agreement

Mediation is like a type of settlement negotiation for couples, but it is often conducted in a less formal way. The ultimate goal is still the same. A couple should have an agreement that deals with issues related to property division, child custody, the terms of the separation, financial matters such as debt and investments, and any other matters that are unique to the couple’s situation. Once an agreement has been made with these details and is signed by the parties, a judge can review the document and issue a final order to dissolve the marriage. The order has the legal effect of formally ending the marriage, and the couple is still technically married until a family judge has issued such an order. 

Ending mediation

The mediation process can continue until either the couple believes that they are wasting their time, or they have a final agreement that settles most or all issues related to their separation. This leaves the option of ending up in court or exploring other solutions if mediation is not working for some reason. 

Help from local divorce lawyers

Schneider and Onofry is a trusted family law practice that works with clients in the Yuma area. Anyone who needs to meet with a licensed family attorney in Arizona can contact their office to schedule a meeting. 

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