Divorce Marriage Process and the Ugly Truth

Cleveland, OH- Last week the nation was hypnotized by the story of two prisoners who managed to escape a high security prison in upstate New York. As details of the story continued to emerge, it was soon learned the escapees had help from female prison guard who was having an affair with one of them. Now her husband says divorce may be in the cards.

The attorney representing Lyle Mitchell who was married to cheating Dannemora prison guard Joyce Mitchell, told ABC News that his client is “still in shock,” adding that he has been in love with his wife for over two decades and “doesn’t want anything bad to happen to her.”

But attorney Peter Dumas said that for Mr. Mitchell, “the concept of divorce is looming.” He hasn’t filed yet and just wants his life to return to normal, his attorney told ABC News.

Dumas told ABC that his client had no knowledge his wife was having an affair with one of the prisoners.
So he must have been shocked to discover that, in exchange for smuggling in contraband and otherwise assisting the escape of prisoners David Sweat and Richard Matt, Joyce Mitchel enlisted the two men to murder her husband.

While the Mitchells will be divorcing in New York, most likely from the inside of jail cell, it does bring up the issue of fault divorce. Ohio is among a list of states that have a fault divorce, which basically allows a couple to forgo the mandatory waiting period and have their marriage ended quickly.

Fault divorces are generally granted when one spouse is accused of particularly egregious behavior, such as having a drug problem or endanger the lives of their spouse or children. It’s probably safe to say that plotting to kill a spouse meets the necessary bar to seek a fault divorce in the state of Ohio.

Marriages take a lot of work and dedication, but some people are just not up to the task. They can’t make it work. Perhaps they have different needs or want to go in different directions. Whatever the reason for a marital breakdown, both spouses will benefit from retaining a divorce law firm who understands Ohio’s divorce laws.

When you retain a divorce attorney, they will work to protect your interests and the interest any children who may be caught up in the midst. A divorce attorney in Ohio can help a couple resolve any of their contentious issues and ensure that they are granted an agreeable settlement and a child custody arrangement both spouses can agree on. Your attorney will strive to make the process of mediation or divorce as painless and possible and help your resolve the more troubling aspects of divorce.

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