Ashton Kutcher is rumored to have been dating his “That 70s Show” co-star Mila Kunis, but are wedding bells in store for the couple? According to sources, yes they are and as if that wasn’t a lot to deal with, Kutcher is also getting the proceeds from $12 million property in Los Angeles to share with his bride-to-be that was part of an under-the-table divorce settlement between him and his estranged wife, Demi Moore.

The house is now on the market for s now on the market for just over $10 million. However, since Kutcher was accused of cheating, he shouldn’t really be getting anything in the settlement if he and Moore have an adultery clause.

However, for the new couple to actually get married would actually require Kutcher divorcing Moore. Neither party has actually initiated a divorce filing. Sources say Moore refuses to grant Kutcher a divorce. Perhaps his recent relocation to New York will speed things up though. Judging from the quickie divorce granted to Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, filing for divorce in New York may lead to a much faster resolution for the case than if the case is tried in California.

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