New York, NY- Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher have been split up for almost a year now but they have not yet gotten a divorce even though he has moved on with Mila Kunis. Now that the couple has finally come to the table to dissolve their marriage, things are taking an ugly turn as Kutcher and Moore disagree on the final settlement.

The New York Post reported that the couple is arguing over money and have failed to come up with a satisfactory financial settlement. They had hoped to reach an agreement out of court to avoid a highly publicized trial, but a source close to the issue said Kutcher is unwilling to give Moore the money she is demanding.

But in a court, Kutcher might not fare well since he was caught cheating on Moore when the couple were supposed to be celebrating their sixth anniversary.

Ashton and Moore haven’t even technically filed their divorce papers. The inside source said they wanted to come up with a settlement before officially filling, but the money talks are stalling the process.

Before their split, Moore stood the most to lose since she had more wealth than her much younger husband. Now that Kutcher landed the lead role in “Two and a Half” men he is making close to $24 million a year so Moore is trying to tap into his income.

The couple is working closely with their divorce lawyers to come up with a satisfactory settlement. And like many divorces, things are turning ugly over money.

There have been no reports that the couple had a prenuptial agreement, which would have made their dissolution a quicker process.