Salt Lake City, UT- As of late, some of our notions about divorce statistics have been turned upside down. Instead of the divorce rate being nearly 50 percent, a new study has pegged the U.S. divorce rate at closer to 33 percent. Another once common divorce myth we need to dispel is the notion that second marriages are doomed to fail.

A UK study conducted last summer shows that second marriages have a better success rate than previously thought. The Office of National Statistics found that, on average 45 percent of first marriages in the UK end in divorce. The think tank, however, found that only 31 percent of second marriages ended in divorce, according to the Daily Mail.

The success of a marriage is dependent a numerous factors. Without age and wisdom, financial security, and knowledge of why a first marriage failed a subsequent marriage, whether it is a second or third, may not have chances of being very successful. But researchers believe second marriages may have a better chance of surviving the test of time because a couple is typically older when they enter a second marriage.

“Overall, second marriages do better because couples who get married for the second time are invariably older than those marrying for the first time,” Harry Benson of the UK’s Marriage Foundation explained to the Daily Mail.

Financial stability often accompanies age, and couples in a second marriage have better control of their finances, which can act as cushion against some of the difficulties couples face every day. Strained finances are one of the leading reasons a couple finds themselves in a divorce attorney’s office.

Researchers in the study found that men are actually happier in their second marriage since they aren’t faced with the same pressures from their family and society when they tied the knot for the second time.

Couples are more self-aware when they enter their second marriage relationship counselor, Paula Hall, told the Daily Mail. She believes on their second time around, a couple has the necessary communication and conflict resolution skills to make their marriage last.

Divorce for some couples is just inevitable, regardless of whether it’s their first, second or third marriage, and when a marriage just isn’t working these couples should move on with the help of a divorce lawyer.

Many believe the divorce rate in the U.S. and many Western nations can be directly attributed to how easy it is to file for and be granted a divorce. But a divorce attorney can tell you that getting a divorce is not as easy as just filling out the papers and filing with a court clerk. There are waiting times and a number of issues that must be resolved. If they have children, a couple must come up with satisfactory arrangements. They must also decide how to divide their assets, as well. These may seem like simple things to do, but couples often need the help of a neutral third party like a divorce attorney to help them with these emotional issues.