Phoenix, AZ – There has been much research regarding the outcomes of marriages of individuals who have already been divorced, then remarried at a later time. The reality of this situation is that there are significant chances that a subsequent marriage will experience similar problems to the person’s first marriage, including divorce. Getting legal advice such as a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement can help in the event that a divorce happens

Remarriage following a divorce

Remarriage after a divorce is a fairly common phenomenon. In fact, many divorced individuals remarry within five years, and divorced people tend to only remain single for a few years after their first marriage ended. When cohabitation is considered as well, almost all people who have been divorced will enter another serious relationship at a later time. Couples who cohabitate also tend to eventually marry at some point in the future.  

Issues with remarriage

There are also some complications that anyone who is about to get remarried again should consider. Children from previous marriages and relationships tend to complicate the situation, and some couples experience significant arguments related to their children. If a person remarries in their 30s or 40s or beyond, it is very likely that at least one member of the couple will have children from a prior relationship. 

People who have already been remarried and divorced multiple times have a very high probability of divorce. In fact, a third or fourth marriage has an extremely high likelihood of ending in divorce. Although, it is also rare that a person ends up in a third or fourth marriage, as this represents only a very small fraction of the American population. As a general rule, each marriage after the first has a greater chance of ending in divorce than the previous marriage. In other words, the first marriage is actually the most likely to work, with each later marriage being slightly more likely to fail than the previous one. 

Any individual who is considering another marriage should also reflect upon what went wrong the first time. Many people report having the same kinds of problems in their second or third marriage as in their first. This may be due to the certain habits, especially with money, or personality conflicts that are likely to happen with anyone during a marriage. Those who have issues with infidelity or domestic violence are also more likely to repeat these problems in later marriages. 

Help during the divorce process in Arizona

Those who need assistance during a divorce can get in touch with a local family law firm in Phoenix. Schneider and Onofry is dedicated to providing professional advice and guidance to local clients. 

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