After Nikolas Cruz went on a rampage at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School killing 17 and wounding several others, the public has brought many topics to the attention of the media. Some propose that gun laws need to be modified while others are identifying mental health as the root of the problem and the cause of these school shootings. While the issue may stem from a culmination of things, Fox News has presented yet another reason why people like Cruz turn out the way they do.


It begins with a broken family and a fatherless home.


According to author Suzanne Venker, who has published five books on marriage, feminism, and gender politics, boys who grow up in a home where a father isn’t present or are forced to live their lives without the involvement of a positive male role model tend to suffer greatly.  Not only does the author state that “it is destructive to both boys and girls” and that “each sex suffers differently,” but that growing up in a fatherless home can be catastrophic to children. The fact is, 70% of divorces are initiated by women, according to the source, and most of these women are awarded more custody over the child’s father.

Venker also states that “some divorced mothers use any opportunity to undermine their children’s relationship with their father or, if not that, dismiss the significance of a father’s role.” She goes on to say that while a single mother definitely plays a vital role in a child’s life, boys need their fathers as a mother cannot play this role as well. Unfortunately, there are some instances where fathers don’t exactly choose not to be a part of their child’s life, rather, they are forced out.


“When boys don’t have this role model, they suffer.”


Venker continues on with her point as she states that when boys suffer, society suffers. While most of us are already aware that Cruz comes from a broken family and recently lost his adoptive mother, “a majority of school shooters come from fatherless homes.” Although we can’t say that growing up without a father is the exact reason why men decide to shoot up a school or other public venue, it may be a contributing factor we can use to help understand why these tragedies continue to occur.


Divorce is Sometimes Essential for Certain Families


Although Venker makes some good points, there are times where divorce is essential for a family. When there is abuse occurring or two people who were once happy can’t stand to stay in the same room anymore, it becomes an unhealthy environment to raise children in. But, the key to helping kids cope with divorce and get through the difficulties it carries with it is for the parties divorcing to work together and always keep their child’s best interest in mind. When this goes ignored, that could potentially be what triggers them to become depressed, unstable, and outright unhappy. The fact is, divorces aren’t the easiest to get through which is why those going through one need to either consider hiring a mediator or a divorce lawyer in Broward County who can help ease the process and make it less stressful on them and their family.


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