Gadsden, AL- Infamous Alabama personal injury attorney, Charles Pitman, and his ex-wife were back in court last month with the former Mrs. Pitman alleging that she was shortchanged in the final divorce settlement.

Charles Pitman and his wife Krista settled their divorce in April, but were back in court last month to argue over asset division, reports. According to the paper, Krista Pitman alleges that the court did not divide the couple’s assets equitably and is asking the court to reevaluate her divorce settlement. She also criticized the court for allowing her husband to spend lavishly throughout their divorce.

“The court erred by failing to find the husband in contempt of court for expending approximately $310,000 in extravagant spending, shopping, vacationing, interior decorating, airplane flying lessons, Porsche Driving School expenses, etc.,” her divorce attorney said in the court filing, according to The suit alleges that Pitman spent that exorbitant sum even though he was under court order to preserve his assets while his divorce case was being decided.

Attorney’s representing Mr. Pittman admitted that his spending was over the top, but argued that Mrs. Pitman received a fair settlement for their short, seven year marriage. The only asset he has left to divide is his law firm, his attorneys said, adding that since the former Mrs. Pitman is not an attorney, she couldn’t possibly run his lucrative law firm.

But as it turns out, her husband does more marketing than litigating, according to In their final divorce settlement, the judge noted that Mrs. Pitman supported her husband while he was in laws school and used money she borrowed from her family to support her family when her husband first opened his firm. She was also instrumental in growing the firm and worked without compensation when it first opened in 2008.

She was initially awarded the couple’s home, two cars and other assets. She was also awarded $6,000 a month in child support and $10,000 a month in alimony, but it appears as though she wants more.

Pitman on the other hand was awarded several luxury cars worth approximately $1 million, a collection of Rolex watches and a tanning bed among other assets.

Dividing a couple’s assets can be difficult process and is best left in the capable hands of a divorce lawyer. Changing a divorce settlement after the fact time-consuming and complex so it is better to come up with an agreeable settlement before making any final decisions.

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