Not very long ago, Indian born American hotelier and hopeless casanova Vikram Chatwal’s was closely linked with American pop star Lindsay Lohan. However, despite their very obvious closeness, Vikram maintained that they were just friends and nothing more. However, what came as a shock to divorce attorneys was when Vikram went ahead and declared his engagement with Spanish model Esther Canadas just a few months ago! 

Strange Times

Rumors concerning Lohan were still very much in the air at the time. However, it did not stop there! Soon after the declaration was made, the couple hurriedly conducted what it seems like a reality check and the engagement was promptly called off.

Where Is Lohan Working These Days?

What many divorce lawyers would also know is that prior to his so called outing with Lohan, Vikram married Indian born and bred Priya Chatwal at a multimillion dollar wedding way back in 2006. Unfortunately, the union did not last long and the couple parted ways. Speaking about calling off his recent engagement, Vikram stated that he indeed wanted to start a family once more but the engagement seemed to be a little ahead of its times. He also expressed his desire to have more children.

The Big Picture

He has a child from his marriage with Priya. However, this time around, he wishes to be absolutely sure of the person before taking the relationship ahead with her. Although the past year has been tumultuous for Vikram on the personal front (but who really cares when America is struggling financially and Syria is slaughtering its citizens), he is now looking towards making fresh beginnings, both in India and America.

He stated that apart from signing two films in India, he is also planning to take active interest in American politics. He explained that back home in New York, he was actually trying to raise more and more awareness among Indian Americans, for the next presidential elections. Has he met the outstanding Bobby Jindal yet? He also expressed his intentions of doing more and more good work in India. What can he do to reduce that surging population number?