Because of the difficult and stressful nature of divorce, mediation is becoming a popular way to avoid some issues that are traditionally associated with court battles and other problems. 

Local news for Indiana posted a video about divorcing with dignity.

Local professional talks about how divorce is being reformed

An interview with a former divorce attorney highlighted some ways in which this process is starting to become more helpful to couples and less antagonistic.

About 50% of marriages in the U.S. now end in divorce. The process of fighting in court can become traumatic to children and harm adults psychologically as well. These problems have prompted some to want to make changes in the system. 

In practice, the process of advocating for one client against another can tend to demonize a parent in front of their children. This is obviously not an ideal situation, and it even bothers many legal professionals. Mediators have a duty to ensure that agreements submitted to the court are fair and equitable, but they are not aggressively advocating for one side over the other. This less stressful alternative has caused mediation to grow in popularity in recent years. While many people who choose mediation tend to self select because they do not want to spend long hours in court litigating, it is still an efficient option that is available for those who want it.   

Making divorces easier and less costly

Most divorce lawyers have updated their techniques and practice over the years to make the process more efficient and less costly. In some situations, this can include mediation or other steps designed to make both spouses come to an agreement. The settlement documentation can be presented to a court and the marriage can be ended much more quickly if both spouses find a way to agree on most of the details related to their separation. Some law firms now offer this service as a divorce option. 

What is divorce mediation? 

Mediation is essentially a way of simplifying a divorce. This gives a couple that is about to separate a high degree of control regarding what their post divorce life will look like and where their children will stay. A mediator is a neutral person assigned to your case who will help both people come to terms that they can agree upon. One mediator is assigned to both parties, and they do not each have their own legal representation in most cases. All areas that would be settled during a divorce proceeding in court such as property distribution, child custody, and taxation issues are all subject to being handled by the mediator without additional court fees. 

Get legal help when a divorce is imminent

There are lawyers licensed in Indiana who can assist you with your divorce, mediation, and other related issues. To find a legal professional near you, use the directory on  

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