Spokane, WA- Is your marriage on the rocks? Are you thinking about divorce? Are you unclear about the divorce process? The idea may be terrifying and you may be confused, so the divorce lawyers at USAttorneys would like to shed some light on process. Knowing what to expect from the practical side won’t make the emotional side any easier but it will eliminate some of the uncertainty.

If divorce is your only option, your first step is to Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. That’s the form that will get the process started, but not the only forms you must submit. Divorcing couples must also submit the following forms: a summons, confidential information form and vital statistics form. You can view these forms on the Washington State Courts website to get an idea of the information you need to gather and provide in these forms.

From the start, you should consider retaining a divorce lawyer in Spokane to help you with your forms and all other aspects of your divorce. A lawyer can ensure every form is filled out correctly and filed in a timely fashion so there are as few delays in your divorce is possible. These forms also lay out the types of financial support and child custody arrangements you are seeking.

Washington State is a no-fault state which means the reason for the divorce is not a factor the divorce court considers. In a no-fault state, a couple must only show that their marriage is irretrievably broken to be granted a dissolution and only one of the spouses must view it as such. A divorce will be granted even if the other spouse contests the divorce.

At one stage in your divorce, Washington State law requires you file a financial disclosure where you outline your income, assets and debts. This is another aspect of the process where legal counsel will be beneficial and can protect your financial future. Filing your financial disclosure forms as early as possible will give you and your estranged spouse the time you need to negotiate a settlement.

Another important thing to know is that Washington State’s residency requirements. Although the state doesn’t require you to live in the state for a minimum amount of time, you must establish residency. That means you must have a permanent home in the state or can show you plan to make a home your permanent residence.

After you have filed your forms, your estranged spouse will have 90 days from the day they receive the dissolution papers to file their response. The court will not assign a court date until that 90-day period has expired.

If you plan on filing for divorce you could use some moral and legal support. When you retain one of our divorce lawyers in Spokane, Washington, you will have someone to lean on for legal support and someone who will look out for your interests. USAttorneys recommends you contact Powell Law Offices to assist you with your divorce and child custody issues. Connie L. Powell, is Spokane divorce and family law attorney who will be your ally and help you navigate the divorce process.