When infidelity is the root cause of a divorce, it can sometimes become a messy and bitter battle. Knowing the legal ramifications of infidelity will go a long way in dealing with the process.

Orlando Divorce attorneys say that Florida is a no fault divorce state since 1971 but before that the parties had to prove a particular reason for filing for divorce, which could include infidelity, physical abuse, or misconduct.  Since becoming a no fault state, the common ground for divorce is incompatibility and irretrievable relationship, according to experts.

In case of an adultery allegation, the court can look into the evidence of adultery while deciding the alimony. If infidelity had an impact on the other spouse financially, the court could look into that as well while arriving at the distribution of property and debt.

Experts cite a few cases where the court has denied increasing alimony amount based on infidelity claims. Such claims made only to obtain more alimony have not received a positive response in some courts. This happened in cases including Escobar v Escobar and Noah v Noah. In the latter case, the Supreme Court emphasized that the primary factor that guides alimony is the ability of the spouse to pay and not the adultery.

Infidelity does not impact child custody

When it comes to child custody too, experts state that infidelity by itself has not been a deciding factor that influences which spouse obtains full custody. The law in Florida does not specifically name infidelity as a determining factor in granting custody. According to Orlando divorce attorneys, whether parents are morally fit and the time sharing schedules are some of the factors looked into.

Ken Griffin says ex-wife claiming child support to meet opulent lifestyle

In the ongoing divorce battle, billionaire Ken Griffin claims that his ex-wife Anne Dias, is asking for more money to fund her lifestyle and not for child support.

Griffin alleges that the expenses include a grocery bill of $6,800 a month, while spending on restaurant meals totaled $7,200 a month. Stationary expenses were $2,000 and $8,000 was spent on gifts, according to documents. Anne took a vacation in St. Bart’s during winter holidays that cost $450,000, according to claims made by Griffin.

These are the new details on the spending that have emerged. Earlier expenses were mentioned as $300,000 a month for private jet travel, while vacation rentals amounted to $160,000 and $60,000 for office space and professional staff.

Some people believe money grows on trees

Divorce attorneys for Dias say that the expenses were the same as what they were when the couple were married, and the expenses were required to maintain the kids’ lifestyle, which is allowed under Illinois law.

Dias alleges that the prenup the couple signed is invalid and that Griffin is not paying enough child support for the three children. To most people, it appears that Dias is spending all that money on herself. Raising children is not that expensive. One pair of shoes lasts about two months for example.

Expenses including those that are for Dias’ benefit, such as private chef, house cleaning staff, and personal assistant were all being paid by Griffin, according to his divorce attorneys. He also claims that he is paying all the expenses as far as the children were concerned. It appears he married a wife with expensive tastes and someone who does not want to earn her own keep in society.