A person can leave the marital home without jeopardizing their financial stake in the property.

Montgomery, OH- Child custody is one of the biggest issues a divorcing couple must contend with, but it isn’t the only acrimonious issue. What to do with the marital home one of those issues, so our team of divorce lawyers would like to address some of the questions about the matrimonial home, like: Should I move out of our home? Will I lose the house if I do? Is moving out going to impact my child custody arrangement? Here our team of divorce lawyers in Montgomery, Ohio will explain what it might entail.

When you and your spouse decide to divorce, the first step in the process is to separate and do so cleanly. If there are tensions between a couple, they should live apart, but that means they must decide whether to move out of the marital home.

In most instances, leaving the family home won’t affect how assets or marital property are divided in the final settlement. But if the spouse who leaves is the higher-earning one, moving out of the family home could become a financial burden since they will have two households to maintain.

If finances are tight, a couple may decide to live together, but that could be a mistake. Ultimately, it’s better for a couple to live separately during their divorce. Settlement negotiations typically go more smoothly if a couple lives apart and aren’t always getting on each other nerves. Conflict isn’t just detrimental to a couple; it is harmful to a couple’s child or children.

You can resolve acrimonious issues by enlisting expert legal counsel to advise you on all aspects of your divorce.

Ohio is a no-fault divorce state which means the marital home, assets, property or valuable belongings are divided equally between both spouses. That means if one spouse is awarded the marital home, they may be required to pay their former spouse half the value of their home to make up the difference.

While leaving the matrimonial home will have little impact on how a couple’s assets are divided, leaving the family home can put the spouse who moves out at a disadvantage. Changing homes frequently can be hard for a child, and family courts see moving a child out of their home as an unnecessary disruption in their life. Also, it is possible for the abandonment issue to come up and the spouse who stayed in the home will have a greater chance of getting primary physical custody.

If you decide to move out of the marital home, Forbes urges you to establish a parenting agreement with your estranged spouse, so you can avoid giving up any of your parental rights. Even if you are only in the stage where you are considering divorce, USAttorneys recommends you speak with a divorce lawyer near you in Montgomery, Ohio and learn what separation requirements you must meet.

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Speak one of our divorce lawyers before you make any decisions about the family home.