A fault divorce is not as common as a no-fault divorce, but may be the best way to dissolve your marriage.

Albuquerque, NM- New Mexico is one of the several states that allow couples to file for a fault or no-fault divorce, but you may not be sure which one you can or choose to pursue. You’re not alone, so our team of divorce lawyers wanted to discuss the basics of fault and no-fault divorce. That way you can decide which method is appropriate given the circumstances behind your dissolution.

First, we’ll explain no-fault divorce. The no-fault method of dissolution is suitable if neither spouse accuses the other of wrongdoing. A couple merely has to state in their initial divorce petition that their marriage is irretrievably broken and they cannot reconcile their differences.

If you want to file for a no-fault divorce in Albuquerque, you must be a resident of the state for at least six months before you file. As long as you and your estranged spouse have resolved any issues such as child custody or asset division, a judge can grant you a divorce thirty days after your initial filing.

A speedy resolution is one of the many perks of a no-fault divorce, but sometimes couples file for fault divorce because of some wrongdoing. A couple can pursue a fault divorce for the following reasons:

Physical, verbal and/or sexual abuse


Incarceration, and


There are several reasons why you should consider a fault divorce; speak with a divorce lawyer in Albuquerque to determine how to dissolve your marriage.

A fault divorce can take weeks, months and sometimes years to resolve but in the end, a fault divorce can result in one party getting a larger settlement, more financial support or the child custody arrangement of their choice. The results all depend on the actions of a spouse. If both parties are considered to be at fault, the courts will grant the spouse who is least at fault for the breakdown of marriage.

If you want to file for a divorce in Albuquerque, New Mexico, we recommend you contact one of our experienced divorce lawyers to evaluate your claim. Leave it up to a practiced and knowledgeable divorce lawyer near your New Mexico location. USAttorneys’ team of divorce lawyers will do what they can to stand up for your rights and ensure you can live with your divorce settlement. They understand how to negotiate deftly and will act in your best interest, so you make wise decisions about your divorce.

Let us find you an attorney who is knowledgeable about New Mexico’s divorce laws to assist you will all aspects of your divorce, so you can put it behind you and move on to other things. You need an ally during this time, so reach out to someone who can help and set up a consultation.

Speak with a divorce lawyer before making decisions about your divorce that can affect the outcome.

Speak with a divorce lawyer before making decisions about your divorce that can affect the outcome.