When celebrities divorce there are significant concerns about privacy and large financial losses. However, getting the right kind of legal help can minimize the amount of damage caused by a divorce, even for a high profile couple. 

Local news for Chicago reported on the divorce of a former NFL player and his television star wife.

NFL player and reality star announce that they are separating

The divorce was filed by Jay Cutler’s wife, Kristin Cavallari after they had been married for approximately seven years. The couple had known each other for ten years and had three children together. All of their children are still young, with the eldest being seven years old. 

Both members of the couple published posts to instagram revealing their decision. They made statements regarding mutual love and respect for each other, but said that they had simply grown apart recently and no longer wish to be married. The couple asked for understanding and privacy while they went through the formalities of ending their marriage. 

The news was seen as a surprise both from people who knew the couple and media outlets. They had recently been seen before the report of the divorce vacationing in the Bahamas, and they appeared to be happy. The picture that they shared on social media announcing their separation looks like it was taken during that recent vacation. 

However, their marriage did have some issues in the months leading up to the divorce. There were rumors that Cutler had an affair with one of Cavallari’s friends. Reports surfaced that Cavallari broke all ties with this woman based on the incident. During an interview with People Magazine, Cavallari did acknowledge that there were numerous rumors circulating about her husband’s possible relationship with her friend. She admitted in the interview that she was very disappointed with how her friend handled the situation while she was busy filming her reality show. She also said that she believed all of the allegations were false and her husband never cheated on her. 

Cutler, now 36 years old, was the starting quarterback for the Chicago Bears for several years from 2009 to 2016. Cavallari gained fame for appearing on a reality TV series that lasted several seasons.  

Speaking with an attorney when a divorce is necessary

There are a few significant ways in which divorce lawyers help resolve a separation. They can advise clients about issues such as child custody, alimony payments, property division, and local court procedures. The right legal professional can help you work through these issues quickly and easily. A quick and clean divorce allows clients to move on with their lives.  

Learn more about how to file for a divorce

There are lawyers who focus on divorce and family law cases in the state of Illinois. To schedule a consultation, contact a legal professional through the directory on USAttorneys.com.  

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