Ken claims he has already paid millions

Breaking up is never easy when there is a fortune, a penthouse, kids and plenty of bitterness involved. The controversial divorce between the founder of the $24 billion hedge fund firm Citadel and his wife of 11 years, Anne Dias Griffin, gets more acrimonious with each passing day.

Ken Griffin now claims in the papers he has filed, that he has already paid $37 million as prenup payments to Anne, and cash payments of $1 million every year while they were married. Ken has also said that he had paid half of their $11 million Chicago home, which as part of the prenup agreement was to be sold upon getting divorced.

Dias Griffin seeks to throw out prenup agreement

Until their marriage, Anne ran the New York hedge fund Aragon, and Goldman Sachs alum. She is trying to get custody of their three children. She is also seeking to have the couple’s prenuptial agreement, which would leave her with something between $50 million and $100 million, declared invalid. Anne said that she has been paying significant expenses towards their children because Ken has refused to pay monthly child support. Dias Griffin also told the court that a prompt hearing on child support is necessary.

She also alleged that Ken was a bully and was threatening to sue her until she had no money left. He cut her credit cards and banned her from the various homes they owned in New York, Aspen, Miami, and Hawaii. In addition she claims that he also refused to disclose his finances and ignored her requests for temporary child support.

Ken & Anne Griffin

Ken Griffin has said that he would end her exclusive occupancy of their former marital residence and would not pay the running costs of the residence after Feb 21st, 2015, according to Dias Griffin. Sources said that she would move into one of the two other properties that she owns in Chicago, along with her kids. According to divorce attorneys, it was set out in their prenuptial agreement that Dias Griffin would receive exclusive possession of the marital residence for a year after a separation.

Ken’s net worth

Ken started trading in Harvard in the 1980s, using $265,000 in seed money, and announced a $150 million donation to his alma mater, Harvard in February 2014 to provide financial aid to students. He is now the richest man in Illinois, worth $5.5 billion. His substantial fortunes include real estate in Florida and Hawaii and a Chicago penthouse in 67th floor of Park Tower, which was bought in 2000 for $6.9 million.

He paid $15 million more in 2012 to expand the penthouse and bought a 7,900-square-foot unit on the 66th floor. Dias Griffin also claims that Ken made a profit of over $1 billion in 2014.The papers filed by Dias Griffin state that Ken’s strategy is to place as much financial pressure on her as possible. Divorce attorneys said that Dias Griffin has acknowledged that she has assets of about $50 million, and that her net worth might have exceeded $50 million.

Apparently that is not enough. Most people would be content.