Iggy Azalea’s messy divorce with her ex has taken another ugly turn. The Australian singer’s estranged lover Hefe Wine, is now asking the “Fancy” hit maker to either settle the divorce case outside of court or face the consequences. Azalea has also tweeted about her ex’s threat, saying that Wine’s divorce lawyer contacted her to push an out-of-court settlement, failing which he said there would be public repercussions. Wine and his divorce attorney have reportedly threatened to spread rumors in tabloids that Azalea infected her former husband with STDs!

Wine has a History of Violence

Iggy was just 17 years old when she met Hefe Wine, when she first came to the US from her home country. According to reports in the Daily Mail, Hefe already had a wife when he met Azalea and tried to gain entry into her life. Wine’s previous wife, who is also the mother of his three-year-old-son, has accused him of physical assault and stalking and said that he once tried to strangulate her after stalking her for seven years post their break-up. Given Hefe’s violent attitude, Iggy is taking all precautions against him. She says that there is a constant fear of being stalked, and she also claims to have armed police and bodyguards around her every time she travels to Texas.

The Azalea-Wine saga has been dominating headlines in the music circuit for a while now. Some weeks back, an alleged sex-tape of Azalea and Wine was leaked. The rapper says that the leak must have come from her ex’s camp, and that it was a move purely motivated by the greed of money.

The sex tape leak led to a lawsuit, and Wine’s reply was to file divorce papers against the singer. The funny bit though is that Iggy says she didn’t even realize Hefe and she were married. The singer agrees to have lived with Hefe for about six months, and while under Texas law the relationship can be considered a common law marriage, Iggy says she had no idea the couple were even married. And to recap, the singer was only 17 years old when this happened.

Iggy Azalea came to America and met the wrong person apparently.

It’s all for Money, says Iggy’s Rep

Iggy’s representative has released a statement to MailOnline calling Hefe – whose actual name is Maurice Williams – a thief, felon, and fugitive. The statement also says that Hefe has been persistent in his legal actions against the ‘Black Widow’ rapper only to get a share of the fortune she is worth.

Iggy’s complaint in the federal court has frozen wine’s ability to use music he stole from her for profit, and the statement says that because of this Hefe has gone on a rampage to publicly defame Azalea. He is doing so by propping up their long ended relationship into a sham “marriage” which is not supported by a certificate or evidence.

Texas is one of the few states in the country that recognizes common law marriage which is entered into without license or ceremony. Apparently, Hefe has the three witnesses required to prove his version of the story. But we obviously haven’t seen the last of Iggy Azalea on this one, yet.