Local news for the Boise area featured a report about how the costs of an upcoming divorce in Idaho can be minimized with some basic planning and research.

While most people do not have the luxury of planning for a divorce, as a marriage tends to fall apart suddenly for many couples, there are a few ways to make a basic contingency plan that can save lots of money. This is a good idea regardless of how well any marriage is doing, as recent data shows that there are about half as many divorces as marriages every year in the United States. 

Lowering expenses and the divorce process

In some situations a divorce can be just as, or even more, costly than a marriage. Legal fees, court costs, and attorney hours can run into thousands of dollars alone, and that is not counting the logistics of moving around and dividing or selling property. Some basic cost saving measures can become the difference between remaining in an unhappy marriage versus being able to afford a separation. 

The first tip is to look around for an affordable lawyer. Billable rates can vary drastically between attorneys for a number of different reasons. Some lawyers will ask for a much lower retainer fee than others and they may even refund part of your money if the case can be resolved quickly. It is best to contact some divorce lawyers to get an idea regarding what they charge in your area. 

The second piece of advice is to look for different payment options. Many law firms will work with clients to allow them to make payments or come up with other options that make a divorce more feasible for those who do not have much extra money around. Others may be willing to offer limited representation for one hearing or drafting certain documents, then they let the client handle the rest on their own or with a different lawyer. Minimizing the number of times a lawyer has to physically go to court can result in huge savings.

Filing fees are another expense that can vary greatly based on location and your lawyer’s rate. It may be more beneficial to file in one state or county versus another if you are eligible based on residency requirements. If you do not have any children or large amounts of property, it can be fairly simple to figure out how to do the initial filings on your own. 

Agreeing with your spouse about as many things as possible can also be a good idea. The most expensive divorces involve several contested issues and lots of litigation. 

Speak with an Idaho divorce lawyer

There are attorneys who are licensed and practice in divorce firms in Idaho. You can find them through the listings on USAttorneys.com.  

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